About Jen


Jen Liming resides happily in this present moment in Kona, Hawaii. For the last decade she has been practicing, teaching and developing a lifestyle through a practice called “Buddhi”. Her background before Buddhi includes various practices and philosophies of yoga, sacred body movements and studies in the fields of conscious awareness, Brain wave analysis, The science of entrainment, Music and hands on healing modalities. 


Utilizing the personal experiences and studies on Conscious awareness she has shared and certified other individuals around the world who are now teaching and bringing their dreams into reality. The Buddhi flow integrates perception altering practices with unique movements that enliven the body’s energy system and awaken consciousness. It facilitates a means to realign the physical and energetic systems of the body through its natural spiral based architecture. This alignment is established through harmonic resonance driven by performing these movements. These movements generate an internal energetic coiling that opens the central channels which in turn strengthen the toroidal photonics field around the body. Once the sufficient energy has been activated it proliferates to bring the whole bio-field into flow and unravel physical mental and emotional blockages. Jen not only discovered the incredible results in her own life, there was a profound effect happening to those who started practicing in class.

There was a sense of community and camaraderie. This was beyond a physical work out, It has become a sanctuary for the community to come together. With this realization she has dedicated her life to sharing these ancient yet modern techniques to encourage others to follow their hearts into their highest potential. As Buddhi evolved throughout the years, the moves morph, the intentions shift and there's always that greater unknown element that was driving the whole field in the first place. As we venture into the more energetic aspects of ourselves we tap into the power of nature that is within and all around us. When we learn the language of nature our horizons begin to expand again. Living on the Big Island she has ample opportunities to explore the life of the land. Buddhi has morphed into Buddhi Mana as an expression of this discovery. Enjoy the journey as we helicopter into waterfalls, adventure to a green crystal in the middle of the pacific, humbly explore the erupting volcanos, play in the ocean with dolphins and paddle into a sacred beach. This is just the beginning of Buddhi Mana as we explore different sacred sites, we will invite you to come along with us. Retreats that will ignite your soul and regain YOUR zest for life. Rediscover your inner child and become ageless and full of unlimited energy. Buddhi mana encourages each individual to find their own inner light and from there we change the vibration one Buddhi at a time.